Monday, 11 October 2010

Clue, Coincidence or Clumsy ?

While you wait for the next episode of The Event tonight consider these two photo comparisons.

First is a picture of the two files that we know exist on Sophia, in a later file she is listed as detainee number 42, but the earlier file from 1944 details her as detainee number 70.

Then we have a comparison from the start of episode 3 where the RV driver crashes into the FBI car containing Sean Walker.

The RV driver seems to have a change clothes before driving and after he is crashed -

Then we have the crash itself in Episode 3, if you look at the end of episode 2 the RV is nowhere to be seen, but in episode 3 it is just a couple of seconds away from the point that the car turns. (click for a larger version)

Are the differences clues, is it just a coincidence or is it just plain Clumsy ?