Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Episode 15 Screengrabs

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dempsey's Office Update 16

There have been a number of updates to Dempsey's Office

The most intriguing one is the scroll that has now appeared in the safe.

There are also some voice mail messages, one of which is in French, so if we have any French speakers among us we would appreciate a translation.

The Demsey's Office In Detail post has been updated with the new items.

Thanks to SG_Tess and Maven for the updates.

@Jopinionated on Episode 15 of The Event

Whoever saw The Event last night in the US was lucky enough to see one of the best episodes yet.

But don't just take our word on it, this tweet was posted by our favourite Freelance entertainment writer Jo Garfein @Jopinionated on Twitter and

If you are in the UK wondering whether to stay up for next weeks episode then it is well worth the wait.

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Event Episode 15 Discussion Post 42

President Martinez and Blake Sterling have the Sleepers surrounded, but after Sophia triggers a national disaster, negotiations are held.

Meanwhile, Sean and Vicky are able to continue their quest when they get a new lead on the location of Dempsey.

Episode Title : "Face Off"

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Episode 14 Screengrabs

The Event Season 1 Episode 14 Discussion Post 44

Thomas summons Sophia, Diane Geller, and the other Sleepers to reveal the contents of the game-changing message he received.

With newfound intensity, President Martinez confronts Vice President Ray Jarvis about his betrayal.

Sean blackmails Vicky into helping him on a mission of vengeance. Elsewhere, Dempsey continues on his hunt for experimental subjects.

Episode Title - "A Message Back"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Washington Times Article

A few days ago the Washington Times posted an article about The Event.

The article talks about whether The Event will get a second season, and has a short interview with Jason Ritter.

Click Here to read the full article

Truth Seeker 5314 - Under Seige

A new post by Truth Seeker has arrived.

It is a picture of what looks like a church being stormed by a S.W.A.T. team.

The post says the church is in Los Angeles, or at least the area patrolled by L.A.P.D, so if anyone in LA knows where it it please let us know.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Dempsey's Office - New Letter 9

SG_Tess has let us know that the Dempsey's Office page has been updated, there is a new letter in the letter sorter.

The letter is from a Donald Turcott to Alan Lancaster in Dempsey Pharmacruticals and talks about obtaining a bail release for a Mr Wallance.

Shady dealings by Dempsey, but what does it mean ?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Episode 13 Screengrabs

Season 1 Episode 13 Discussion Post 36

Sterling and Richard rally to help President Martinez take control of the political fallout from the detainees' escape from Inostranka.

Meanwhile Sophia learns what Thomas has done and swears revenge, but Thomas is determined to succeed in his mission.

Michael leaves Leila in safekeeping with a close friend, Diane Geller while he also goes on the hunt for Thomas.

Episode Title - Turnabout

Monday, 14 March 2011

Dempsey's Time Line Tablet Mapped

Although it has only been in the show once at the end of the last episode, it does appear that this table or stone tablet resting on a table may be significant in the events to come.

We have assumed that this is some sort of time line map, leading to or from "The Event", but that is definitely not confirmed yet.

So what we have here is an attempt to break down the elements on the table.

Circles (Light Blue) - Five circles reducing in size, could these be symbolising planets or galaxy's or even dimensions ?

Lines (Black) - Lots of intersecting points with a few places where they seem to intersect more than others.

Cracks (Red) - Although they could be just natural parts of the stone, as they do appear to be cut through by the lines and other shapes, they could be significant as they do intersect the straight lines in certain areas.

Shapes (Cyan) - These seem to be deliberately cut into the tablet but are very random in nature. There is possibly a bit of liberal interpretation here as to what is an area cut into the stone and what is a natural part of it.

Also below we have an attempt to recreate the symbols seen on the small stones that are placed on the tablet. Whether these are symbolic, or there is an actual purpose to them it will be interesting to find out in the next few weeks.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stone Scramble 17

Yet another puzzle from The Event, this time though it is based on Dempsey's mysterious table seen in episode 12.

It gives us a closer look at the table and some of the stones that are on it.

Click here to view the puzzle game on the NBC website.

Solve the puzzle, which is very easy to do, and you get a link to a clue, I'm not sure how much of a clue it is, but it does confirm something that I had wondered about.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Truthseeker - Homeland Memo 3

There is a new post from Truthseeker 5314

This is a concerning a leaked memo that has fallen into the hands of the Truthseeker.

The memo is from Blake Sterling and concerns a threat to Nuclear installations especially on the West coast.

Click here to read the full memo

Episode 12 Screengrabs

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Event UK Return Date

UK viewers can look forward to the return of The Event on Channel 4 on Monday 14th of March.

The timeslot is slightly later than before, but at least the UK is getting both of the new episodes as they were transmitted in the US.

Channel 4 - Monday 14th of March 2011 at 10:00pm

Remember UK viewers there is a UK version of our site with only information that will not spoil the UK transmission.

You can use the tab above or this URL -

Dempsey's Office In Detail

In the post below we have pulled out elements from Dempsey's desk and presented them with their accompanying text. You can see Dempsey's Office for yourself by clicking here

Each item is enclosed in spoiler tags in case you want to view the main site for yourself, so just click on the item you are interested in.

A lot of this is information we knew before, but the detail on the excavation in France is new information to us.

Update 1 - The office continues to be updated, there are now new emails, letters and a new item, the telephone is available to choose. There is also now something in the safe.

Update 2 - Following episode 16 two new emails appeared on the tablet computer.

Update 3 - Following the events in episode 17 there are several updates, including flowers being placed on the desk, new emails, a new inbox item, books and a new projector screen item to click on.

Update 4 The Locked box is now open and contains information about Sean, along with a slideshow of Sean's photographs taken when he was on the cruise with Leila.

Dempsey's Office 7

A short time ago the @NBCTheEvent twitter account tweeted a link to Dempsey's Office

This is an interactive feature where clicking on various items on the desk gives some information about Dempsey and what he has been up to.

Some things we already know, like his conversations with Vice President Jarvis and some things we didn't know about like an Archealogical dig in France.

There is one item that appears to be locked, whether there is a puzzle to solve to unlock it remains to be seen.

If anyone has any insights into what all of this means then email us or let us know in the comments.

There are two other views of the office seemingly of bookshelves, only one view has something else to explore, but it appears to be an empty safe.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Episode 11 Screengrabs

Monday, 7 March 2011

Episode 11 and 12 Discussion 122

The double bill of episodes tonight are looking good.

Here is quite a detailed summary, so read at your own risk, the episode titles are at the end of the description.

The two photographs used in this post are from Nick Wauters behind the scene's exclusive photo collection

President Martinez and his longtime Chief of Staff charge the intelligence community with decrypting Thomas' satellite message, but more importantly determining to whom it was sent.

While they are distracted, Thomas unveils a surprise attack, but he does not anticipate a heroic stand-off with Blake Sterling, who learns an important lesson about Sleepers from Maya.

Meanwhile, newly appointed Alaskan Senator Catherine Lewis threatens to divulge information about the Mt. Inostranka detention facility on an episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Elsewhere, Sean and Leila get a fresh lead on the whereabouts of Samantha, but it leads them to a dramatic turn in their lives. James Dempsey foresees that he and Sean will once again cross paths.

Episode titles -

Series 1 Episode 11 - And Then There Were More

Series 1 Episode 12 - Inostranka

The Event - New Episodes Tonight

Hopefully you already know but new episodes of The Event start tonight.

If you want a reminder of what has happened so far then the preview below is a good source of information.

As usual there will be a discussion post created before the first episode starts, why not come and join in with the friendly watercooler discussion.