Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dempsey's Office - Translated scroll 9

A short while ago Dempsey's office was updated.

If you now look for the safe and click on the trophy, a small surprise awaits. Once that has happened the safe now contains a partly translated scroll.

The transcript of which is below -

Soon Heavenly Bodies shall align
And The promised Event shall arrive
And The Righteous Few shall become Many

Death shall be Life
Fathers shall be reborn
And The Pure shall prevail
And the Slaves be vanquished
And we shall all return and inherit the Earth


The Chosen One shall rise among the Slaves
To lead the Guardians of Earth

Protector and Destroyer
Key to their future, Hand of our doom
Only the Chosen One can freely walk the board of fate
And unweave our destinies

And we shall fight to stop the Chosen One
This we know

As you can see there is a missing verse to the prophecy, this may be a key element to a second season assuming Th Event is picked up by another production outfit like Netflix as has been rumoured.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Episode 22 Discussion Post 65

Is it the end or is it the beginning of a new chapter ? Whatever happens stay with us to discuss the season finale of The Event tonight.

The White House is gripped by a power struggle of historic proportions, pitting Martinez and Chief of Staff Peel against Jarvis and his secret ally, Sophia.

Elsewhere, Sean, Vicky, Sterling, and Simon race to stop the dispersion points for the virus.

Meanwhile, Leila fights for her life but it all may be too late as the portal begins to open, sending tremors across the globe.

Episode title - "Arrival"

While you are waiting for the episode to start don't forget to check out the Truthseeker 5314 blog where there is a message from Truthseeker to say he / she is going to leave where they are hiding and get on the road.

They also say that there are some posts ready to go and will be automatically published if anything happens. So we may get some more insight into the story after this episode.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Event Episode 21 Screengrabs

Monday, 16 May 2011

Episode 21 Discussion Post 30

*** Spoiler Alert *** The description below contains a lot of info I would consider spoilers, but it is the only description of the episode I can find.

President Martinez makes a triumphant albeit shaky return to the White House, determined to punish the traitors who conspired against him.

Sophia forges ahead with her plan, while battling a new enemy — the guilt that has begun to plague her.

Sean and Vicky form an impromptu team with Sterling and Simon in order to track down Sophia’s headquarters and stop her before the destruction of all human life.

Episode Title - "The Beginning of the End"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A New Hope ? 6

As you may have already read there is lots of press coverage of NBC's decision not to renew The Event following it's first season.

However these two tweets from Nick Wauters and Ian Anthony Dale say, there are other possibilities for the continuation of the story.

Lets hope there is a conclusion of the story at the very least, but meanwhile enjoy the final few episodes that NBC have to broadcast and check back here every now and then for any news we might have to bring you.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Event - Worrying Tweets 4

Some worrying tweets arrived in the last few hours via the Variety reporter Stuart Levine.

We are not giving up hope yet as this is far from an official announcement. According to the timescale we have been given there is still time to send emails and letters to NBC before they make their decision.

Click Here to view our previous post with the details on what to do.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Event Episode 20 Screengrabs

Monday, 9 May 2011

Episode 20 Discussion Post 63

With doubt still surrounding the tragedy at the White House, Sterling encounters an unlikely ally in Simon, who risks his life to return with a possible antidote. Against the wishes of Chief of Staff Richard Peel, Jarvis authorizes an air strike to neutralize them.

Sophia continues on her plan to exterminate the human race, now with the help of an unwitting accomplice — Leila. Meanwhile Sean and Vicky try to prevent the deaths of many thousands of innocent people.

Episode Title = "One Will Live, One Will Die"

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Do You Want A Second Season of The Event ? 4

Do you want a second season of The Event ? Well I do and so do lots of other people, however NBC do not seem to have made their minds up yet.

In order to help them decide why don't you write to them and let them know. Blair Underwood has provided the details of who and where to write to for you to show your support.

According to the message you have until May 16th to do so.

Email - NBCTheEventTV@gmail.com

Postal - NBC/Universal Media Studio
c/o Vernon Sanders
100 Universal City Plaza Building 1320 Suite 4M
Universal City
CA 91608

I've already emailed and did get a reply from Mr Underwood's assistant thanking me for the support.

Don't just sit back and assume someone else will do it, take an active role in supporting The Event.

Episode 19 Screengrabs

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Event Epsiode 19 Discussion Post 34

The White House grapples with the unfolding tragedy as Sterling continues the investigation into his primary suspect, while Sophia manipulates the traitor inside the White House, confirming the suspicions of Chief of Staff Peel.

Leila and Michael attempt to rescue Simon, at tremendous personal risk. Elsewhere, Sean and Vicky try to identify Sophia's secret courier before it's too late.

Episode Title "Us or Them"

If you are in the UK, wondering what this post is about then I'm afraid that Channel 4's ridiculous decision to show The Event at 5 past midnight clashes with the next episode airing in the US. Feel free to tell us what you think of Channel 4 and also please email them or send a tweet to express your displeasure.