Wednesday, 19 January 2011

No More Flashbacks ? 6

According to this article on the entertainment news website Digital Spy, Blair Underwood is quoted as saying that flashbacks are not going to be part of The Event when it returns as the audience was getting confused.

The article also mentions the dreaded "Revamp" word which is usually a sign that someone is not 100% confident of the show.

Anyway flashbacks or not we hope to see you back here to discuss the new episodes when they arrive.


maven said...


Saw this yesterday, and was also concerned....changing story-telling (re-vamping) is not a good sign. It's like there was a big network meeting and ultimatums were placed on the table. Somehow LOST kept their audience (mostly) flashing all over the place! Knowing more about your characters is vital to the success of a series.

I'll keep an open mind and continue to watch!

Amused2bHere said...

Maybe they felt it was too much like Lost, or FlashForward.

Was FlashForward officially canceled?

SG_Tess said...

I think there were t many people complaining they were confused by the flashbacks. That's probably why they stopped them.

I just hope they have another why for character development that works.

I think they might be revamping Sean and Leila's characters because so many people found them boring.

The faster pace. People wanted that with Lost too. Nobody's patient anymore. Speaking of which. 29 more days until the show is back. :)

SG_Tess said...

Oh, yes Flashforward was offically cancelled. Which stunk I really liked that show.

SG_Tess said...

The event live RT this by C4insider
Just keeping you in the loop. #TheEvent will be back on Channel 4 in the March. No exact date yet but it will follow the US transmission.

Looks like you guys may not be to far behind us.

SG_Tess said...

Truthseeker has made a new post with " surveillence video" of Mt Inostranka. Not really much to it as usual. Just keeping you updated.

Anyone watch NBC on a regular basis? I don't. Have they started a promo campagin yet?