Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Are You Ready For Some More ? 9

Well it is nearly time for The Event to come rushing back to our screens, there will be a double catchup episode on the 28th of Feb and then the brand new episodes will start on the 7th of March on NBC.

It's a long overdue return and there are lots of people waiting to see if it has been worth the wait. I get a feeling that episode 11 and 12 could be the tipping point for the series, if it isn't a really engaging and active episode it may alienate a lot of the audience.

That is assuming that is there is still some audience to be found ! Let us know if you are still here and if you intend to start watching again.

You can see dotted about in this post some preview images from the new episodes.

One final thing, there is no official word yet on when UK viewers will get to see episode 11, but Channel 4 have indicated that it will be in a similar timescale to the first 10 episodes. As soon as we know more the information will be posted here.


Amused2bHere said...

Wow the wait is finally almost over. This hiatus was the worst thing, at least with LOST there were several seasons worth of info and an ARG to keep us in specualtions and theorizing before they started having such long breaks. This one season of The Event was just not long enough to get our juices flowing!!!!

Thanks for keeping us all in the loop, Zort, Mavin, and the rest.


oh, and First!

Zort70 said...

Hi, thanks for commenting I was afraid everyone had gone !

I hope we get a few people around to discuss episodes, and I hope the episodes provoke some discussion.

maven said...

I'm still around! Hoping this show does something to generate a loyal audience...and fast!

SG_Tess said...

I'm here too. Hoping for a great restart to the show.

SG_Tess said...

BTW I just checked and according to tv guide The Cape is on Feb 28th. I don't think they're having a recap show anymore.

Just Thinking said...

Hi all- yes still here. We'll see what they can do and hope for the best.

On a side note- does anyone know how Lisa is doing? On Facebook or anywhere?

Lisa-Maladylis said...

Hi All, Tess just sent me a message. I'm still kickin. lol Just been very busy with lots of tests and such but they decided that right now, no surgery. its too dangerous and its not growing very fast so unless some other problem pops up like blindness or epilepsy, they will skip the surgery for now. I'm good with that since they now say I will need three. I mean, it is my favorite number but not when it comes to surgeries lol They figured out I have osteoporosis and scoliosis which is why I got shorter so no playing foot ball or anything lol Otherwise, I'm good and not going to let it get me down ! I'm really going to try and watch the show this season !

Just Thinking said...

Hey Lisa- very good to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying a nice cup of tea on this icy, snowy day, and feeling well. Stay inside and curl up with the pets!

maven said...

Great to hear from you, Lisa. Hang in there!

Actually, some promos for the show are pretty enticing! Seems the story will take a wild turn!