Monday, 9 August 2010

Full-length "The Event" Trailer 19

There is a full-length trailer up at NBC for "The Event". It is very enticing and indicates that there is much more to this series besides "the event". At this point, promos are not considered spoilers.


LotteryTicket said...

first. ha ha

maven said...

And my first post! Ha ha

LotteryTicket said...

3 on couch in Oval Office, 5314 room number, 97 number of THEM, gate 211

couple of questions. are we going to try and screen grab here or just watch for a while.

and I suppose the image from Inostranka which leads to login site, is just one of the teaser videos? The image is interesting, looks like circuit board.

anybody try anagram on inostranka

Thanks for befriending on forum.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

yeah my bf and I watched that after Tess pointed us this way. It looks fantastic ! Too bad it's on late, bus driver goes to bed very early, we might have to watch it the next day. :-(

Zort70 said...

I've added the video to the main post so you don't need to go anywhere else to watch it.

Hi all, there is aflight 514 as well I believe, I may have just read that though !

maven said...

Thanks, Zort!

Oh, dear...are we gonna have to deal with "the numbers" again? lol

Zort70 said...

Some screen grabs of the pilot would be good, but I'll have to rely on someone over the pond to do it as nothing is aired over here for a few weeks after.

Any reviews or thoughts on the first episode would be good to post as well.

Tess said...

That trailer grab my attention when I seen it at the NBC site. I always check out the network sites this time of year to see what they have to offer for the up coming season. Then Zortv posted at TLC he'd created this blog and I had to be here to check it out.

Of course maven is always here before me. :) Are you going to help Zort out with this blog maven?

Tess said...

I can't belive I'm caught up in another show and I haven't even seen the pilot yet. :)

I read on a forum that Inostranka means "foreigner or "alien" in Russian.

There's alot of people guessing the detainees are aliens.
That just seems to obvious to me. They have said there is an elemnt of Sci Fi in it but it's not the main theme.

I'll take an early wild guess an I'm sure I'll be off the mark. How about dare I say it "time travel" or an "alternate reality". I know, I know please no more of that.

It seems to involve the girl who "disappered" could she be an escaped detainee?

I don't know. I just love making wild guesses. Just when my husband thought he had me back now that Lost is over this show comes

BTW Zort you say there was a forum at The Event Is Coming? Or did I miss understand that? I can't find any links to a forum on that site.

maven said...

@Tess: Yep, I offered to help Zort out. I may make a post, but he'll have to "fancy it up"! LOL

Love your wild theories. This is supposed to be a cross between 24 and action and mysteries! PERFECT! 97 prisoners at Inostranka! How are the Russians involved if this is indeed a Russian prison in that Siberian climate?

Zort70 said...
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Zort70 said...

Tess, yes there is a forum / Message Board on the site.

Direct link

Tess said...

Thanks zort.
I'm not good at exploring sites. :)

bigdog said...

OK just watched that trailer and im in.

a new show with a lot of old TLC friends how can it go wrong.

Tess said...

Agreed bigdog.

Tess said...

Hello all.
Hey Zort, I'm slow but I finally figured out how you got to the boards and the rest of the site.

If what I've found is correct, that the "game" coincides with the premier of the show then I guess we won't get anymore clues on the code until then.

Zort70 said...

I'm sure I've read somewhere that a code that works was actually given to a few media people and when entered took you to the first episode to watch and review.

It was on one of the other blog sites, but I forget which one now.

Zort70 said...

I've just added a NEW POST for the details of the Demand The Event screening competition.

Tess said...

Hmmm behind the times as usual. lol :)