Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Inostranka Memo Scan and Website 8

As reported previously the Comic-Con attendees were handed top secret documents by mysterious agents.

Nerderific (aka SlytherinGirl) got hold of one of the documents and has sent us a high quality scan of it. click the picture for the larger version.

The Mount Inostranka facility is the subject of the memo and the names Simon Lee (Agent), Blake Sterling (Director of Bureau Inteligence and Research, General Whitman and Sophia Maguire who may be a resident / inmate of the facility.

Incidentally performing a search for Mount Inostranka leads you to the website - Click the link below to see the full post and some pictures of what is displayed at the website.

The website looks like a certain well know search engine mapping screen, and on the right shows a satellite image of a military looking installation.

If you explore a little further you can zoom in or click on the map to get the following message - "This level of details is classified. All IPs using this site are being monitored."

Clicking on the small pictures doesn't appear to do anything, but clicking on the article links shows the four articles -

A memo from 1944 about the construction of the facility.

An article about Blake Sterling being appointed Director of National Inteligence.

An article about the First Lady, Christina Martinez, attending a charity gala.

An article saying that Elias Martinez is announcing his candidacy for president.

There is also a search box at the top of the website page which accepts words for searching, if you enter "Sterling" and search you get a screen of lots of words, some flash up in white, and eventually you get the one in the screenshot below -

Clicking here will then take you to the main site which has lots more information about the show.


maven said...

FYI: It was @Nerderific who obtained the memo at Comic Con (at my request, I might add).

According to various promos for the show prisoners escaping this facility is implied heavily. Still sounds intriguing!

Great post, Zort!

Zort70 said...

I never could spell !

I was nearly back in full on ARG mode for a few minutes there.

Zort70 said...

I just registered on the forums, I was user number 16.

Never going to forget THE numbers !

Sayid'sgirl said...

New show, new forums. It's so exciting. I'm looking forward to this show. I love mysteries and conspiracies. I hope it lives up to it's buzz.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

well Tess, thanks for bringing me here. And here I thought it was some new blog you started about your life events lol How did I miss this and why wasn't I informed ? ?
well, I'm here now and as you all cringe, I say, you can't get rid of me that easy muwhaaahhahha

Tess said...

You're welcome Lisa. My life is way to boring to blog about. Hopefully this show won't be.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

yours and mine both Tess lol All I have to say on mine is I painted the house today and got stuck trying to get off the roof by coming through the window lol end of story. This looks like it will be a good show, hopefully great. I will need something new to watch this season.

maven said...

Glad the word is getting out that Zort started this up...spread the word. We all have high hopes for this show (desperately seeking a LOST replacement)! Hopefully, it lives up to our expectations.