Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Mount Inostranka Map Inconsistencies

A little analysis on the Mount Inostranka map at theeventiscoming.com shows a few inconsistencies.

On the left I've marked three issues with the shadows on the map.(Click for a bigger image)

1. A shadow in the direction of the arrow.

2. Shadow in a different direction, seems to be from the sun as most shadows on the map fall this way.

3. Apparently no shadow for these objects.

In the comments Just Thinking asked the question about what the black objects (1) are on the map.

There a number of explanations, however to my mind the simplest explanation is that they are body bags laid out on the ground in front of what appear to be accomodation blocks.

Also we have again an instance of objects with no shadow (2).

One final image with 1, a shadow falling at an odd angle, 2, the direction of the sun, 3, some more black shapes outside accomodation blocks.