Thursday, 2 September 2010

News Roundup 19

Just a few items of interest from the last few weeks, as you may know a lot of us have been busy with another show over the last few week so attention has been diverted from The Event.

Firstly remember it is your last day to vote for the Event to be shown in your city. Click Here to go to the voting pages, remember you can cast one vote per day.

Talking of that other show, one of the videos released recently (click) is a montage of quotes from fans that have seen the first episode, one of which is displayed to your right.

I think it may be a little early to be making such a bold statement, but heres hoping it can come close.

Here is a picture of Blair Underwood and Jason Ritter from People Magazine, this was put on Blair Underwoods own Facebook page.

Next, below, we have a video of filming episode 6, I'm fairly sure there are no spoilers in there, it's like a DVD extra before the show even airs.

Then finally a warning about spoilers, there are quite a few to be found, whether these are significant or not is a good question, but lets be careful out there.


Lisa-Maladylis said...

I'm really looking forward to this starting ! So what have people found on line about it ? any goodies ?

Tess said...

Thanks for the roundup zort. There hasn't been alot of new official stuff lately. I haven't seen any spoilers yet but I haven't been looking for them. A little over two weeks and the new season starts.

ChrisL said...

Other than watching the trailer, I'm avoiding everything. Going to head into this in the same way as I did LOST, knowing nothing. Can't wait.

Zort70 said...

Apparently the "spoiler" may be a red herring, or at least not as important in the grand scheme of things.

LotteryTicket said...

hi all, are we watching pilot at relatively the same time/day?

maven said...

I believe the premiere is at 9pm, so us west coasters will be out of the loop again for 3 hours (deja vu all over again!).

Tess said...

is The Event still debuting in Oct. In the UK?

ChrisL said...

I'll be d/loading and watching 24 hours later than US.

Zort70 said...

Yes the UK will be about amonth behind the US, so I will probably be joining Chris in downloading.

Tess said...

Zort & ChrisL
Thank goodness for downloading huh. Zort I'm glad maven will be helping you with the blog. Hope to see alot of old friends here after the show.

ChrisL said...

Tess, as long as the broadcasters insist on maintaining The Great Time Divide when all the rest of life allows immediate and simultaneous communication across the oceans... downloading will prevail!

It is exciting to think that there just may be another show that will bring old friends together.

SG_Tess said...

Ok one last change to my screen name. Hopefully this will help with any confusion on who I am since I keep forgetting to sign my old name. :)

Yes it's very exciting. I'm getting very anxious for this show to start.

ObFuSc8 said...

Well Hiya!

I didn't even realize Zort had an Event blog up. While of course, nothing will replace LOST for me, The Event seems intriguing and will be more interesting with you all here.

Some of the folks who went to SDCC had an early screening of the pilot. Spoilers abound because of this, but I think we are all old hands at remaining spoiler free by now. :)

I've just heard that Chicago will be one of the 5 cities to get an Event event/early screening (along with LA, NYC and Underwood's hometown). I'm going to try to get to that but will make sure I don't spoil anyone.

SG_Tess said...

Hi Ob
it's nice to see alot of the gang finding their way over here.

maven said...

So happy more and more of us are checking in here! Hopefully, The Event will be discussion-worthy!

SG_Tess said...

I know that's what I'm afraid of. We'll get all excited and there won't be anything to discuss.

Sandman90 said...

Looking forward to The Event and hope that it will live up to at least 25% of the hype. Based on my own television viewing experience of the last 6 years, it's the hype that scares me the most. Regardless, it will be good to touch base with all of you here.

Just Thinking said...

Hi all-nice to see folks here! The show at the very least will be an excuse to get together- so that has to be good.

There seems to be background type info in the articles on the NBC page- but I don't see anything yet to appeal to Losties problem solving talents.

When you zoom in too far on the map it goes black and says you don't have authorization.

Zort70 said...

Hi all, some new news articles on the event is coming website.