Friday, 17 September 2010

TV OverMind - The Event Review by Jo Garfein 9

Jo Garfien has published a spoiler free review and recommendation for The Event on the TV OverMind website

This site gets a mention in the article so a big thanks to Jo for that.

Jo is a regular on the site and a general all round TV guru / writer, you can check out her own personal Jopinionated website here.


maven said...

Excellent review with absolutely no spoilers (Jo is very strict about that)! When I first read it she hadn't included this site in it. She immediately added us as soon as I reminded her! Thanks, Jo!

LotteryTicket said...

Hi, @Loster21 (Erin Willard) won one of the t-shirts. So, if we need photo, I can ask her to provide. I suspect it's the same as we've seen. Go Jo! and just because I'm a nerd, in the twitter messages there are 108 and DES references. ha ha

SG_Tess said...

Thanks maven for the link. Thanks Zort for the post and thanks Jo for the review.

Zort70 said...

Thanks SG_Tess for the thanks :-)

Just Thinking said...

Glad that Jo likes it- here's crossed fingers for some fun.

I have a current recommendation if you like British mysteries. Inspector Lewis season III is on PBS now- and the series has just kept getting better as it has developed I think. It's a spin off from Inspector Morse- but has come into it's own.

LotteryTicket said...

"@MartinezWH Happy Birthday, David!" 9-20-2010. Age 8

Looking forward to comment following show.

Zort70 said...

I've set up a discussion post to be automatically created at 21:00 (UK time) just in case I fall asleep this evening.

I may stay away until Tuesday or when I can download the episode anyway.

The tweets from the characters seem to have dried up somewhat I was begining to follow the story of the cruise, but it has stopped almost completely now.

maven said...

Thanks, Zort70!! LA Times had an excellent review of the show today...didn't read it all...afraid of spoilers, but headlines was "An intriguing, taut debut not to be missed".

Guess us west coasters will have the same situation as LOST!

SG_Tess said...

Looking forward to discussing the show (while watching Hawaii 50) I'm interested to see what people think about the show.

I'll see if I can be here when you come on tonight. 1:00 am is a little late when I get up at 6:00am.
I wonder if Black Swan is interested in this show? She's always up for an all nighter.