Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Event - Updates 3

There are a few updates this week, including some to Dempsey's Office. There is a video from Nick Wauters answering some questions about The Event.

Unfortunately it is not available to anyone outside the UK, so I can't view it, but I've embedded it here just in case you can see it.

Update SG_Tess has emailed a transcript of the Q&A, as the answers could be considered as spoilers I've enclosed them in a hidden section.

Click Here to see the Q&A Transcript

Q Will Sean meet Pres. Martinez?

A Well the answer actually is yes. Pres. Martinez and Sean will meet very soon in an upcoming episode.

In a major twist, in a major storyline that has yo do with Sean's destiny. At least the destiny that was fortold or forseen by Dempsey. So it's coming up soon. So keep watching the show.

Q Is Michael going to answer all of Leila's questions?

A Well Michael is definately going to answer some of the questions that Leila has. Questions about who she is. Where she came from and about her family and about her origins. So yes he will answer some of her questions just not all of them.

Q What the significance of Dempsey's stone table and the pieces on it

A This is actually a question I can't answer right now. But it's tied into Dempsey's past who he is where he came from and his goals. So it's a secret for now.

Q What is the purpose of the old age face little girls? And they had Sam for so long why isn't her face old?

A Thats an excellent question. Glad you asked it. Actually there's
something special about all the little girls that Dempsey abducted.

(He says something else here I can't quite make out. It's either children he abducted or chose and abducted. I think. I'm not sure)

He's been extracting a serum he needs to accomplish his final purpose.

The reason Samantha isn't as ... doesn't look as old as the other little girls is because he hasn't had her for as long as the others.

That's basically the answer. The treatment she's recieved just started.

This is from our Dempsey's Office in Detail post where you can see the latest update.

Finally for now these two Tweets from Nick Wauters mention the end of filming of Season 1 and that there is still a decision to be made on a second season.

So if you want a second season do whatever you can to spread the word about The Event. There is a We Want a Second Season Facebook page which would be a good place to start.


maven said...

Keeping my streak alive!

Thanks for updating us, Zort. Nothing earth-shaking, as usual.

Zort70 said...

Hi Maven.

SG_Tess emailed a transcript of the Q&A so I've updated the post with the details.

Zort70 said...

The discussion post is due to auto publish in about an hour, have fun tonight.

I'll catch up tomorrow.

Of yes if Channel 4 stop by to see where all the tweets about the UK showing are coming from then perhaps they could be good enough to give us a statement rather than just ignore us !