Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dempsey's Office - Translated scroll 9

A short while ago Dempsey's office was updated.

If you now look for the safe and click on the trophy, a small surprise awaits. Once that has happened the safe now contains a partly translated scroll.

The transcript of which is below -

Soon Heavenly Bodies shall align
And The promised Event shall arrive
And The Righteous Few shall become Many

Death shall be Life
Fathers shall be reborn
And The Pure shall prevail
And the Slaves be vanquished
And we shall all return and inherit the Earth


The Chosen One shall rise among the Slaves
To lead the Guardians of Earth

Protector and Destroyer
Key to their future, Hand of our doom
Only the Chosen One can freely walk the board of fate
And unweave our destinies

And we shall fight to stop the Chosen One
This we know

As you can see there is a missing verse to the prophecy, this may be a key element to a second season assuming Th Event is picked up by another production outfit like Netflix as has been rumoured.


SG_Tess said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been checking the site since last night. I think it was Truthseeker that tweeted to check Dempsey's office before the show last night.

I hadn't checked back for awhile. Guess I gave up to soon. :)

Zort70 said...

No problem, I was looking as well :-)

To me it sounds like a sort of cyclical prophecy and there seems to be a chosen one that can break the circle somehow.

SG_Tess said...

Do you think the chosen one is Sean since they say he'll be the leader of the guardians.

Yeah the prophecy seems odd. Since the aliens supposedly came back to Earth in peace. That prophecy doesn't sound very peaceful.

maven said...

So sad we're left hanging like this just when it was getting good. Hope a Netflix deal works out!

DJ said...

This prophecy seems a bit inspired by the Nibiru theory, the people of Nibiru as told by ancient Sumerian text was supposed to be here first and started civilization here on Earth. They were after some minerals (gold) as it was useful for them for their planet, upon revolt of the EBE miners, the EBE rulers, tinkered with the local species that is most similar to them, and created a slave race that will serve the gods. Hence the "Slaves". I wonder who are the guardians of the Earth, were they also EBEs, or were they the hybrid locals that are born of pure EBEs and local species, and somehow then symphatised with the locals, like Simon. Somehow, the series ended in a lousy, but exciting way, as the loose ends were tied, haphazardly. :(

Zort70 said...

Good call on the Nibiru DJ, it does sound like a similar scenario.

Do you think it will turn out that the native Earth people will actually be of alien origin ?

Ah well, we won't give up here, and if any new info comes to light we will keep sharing it.

Amused2bHere said...

Good points, everyone. Nibiru, ancient astronauts, Chariots of the gods? I guess we only have our speculations now.

Why do you think there is this fascination with mixed species children? (I remember there were many cases in Star Trek, Spock being the most famous.)
What do you think is the point they are trying to make?

Zort70 said...

Hi Amused, I think it stems from the human tendency to fear the unkown.

If you take the fairly recent history of the last few hundered years, mixed race children were the subject of fascination and much worse.

Also in evolutionary terms children between mixed tribes can ultimately produce a new species.

If you think of the Neanderthals they could be considered to be the terestrial humans in The Event so another species turning up would be evolutionary disaster for us.

Zort70 said...

I just realised I forgot to add the final episode screen captures, so I've just posted them.