Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Event - Worrying Tweets 4

Some worrying tweets arrived in the last few hours via the Variety reporter Stuart Levine.

We are not giving up hope yet as this is far from an official announcement. According to the timescale we have been given there is still time to send emails and letters to NBC before they make their decision.

Click Here to view our previous post with the details on what to do.


SG_Tess said...

Hey maven
You're slipping. :)

NBC isn't renewing The Event but Nick Wauters is looking for a new home for it. Fingers Crossed.

Black Swan said...

Oh, dear. I hadn't heard this, but sounds interesting what you're saying here, SG.

This just came thru my twitter feed:

I'm sad about The Event, V, , Brothers and Sisters, and Detroit 1-8-7.. not surprised at Off the Map

Just Thinking said...

That's too bad- it really is hard to keep a long running show on these days. There are just too many things to watch for people to commit every week to follow along.

Maybe they would do better with more miniseries type shows. At least we would get a whole story.

maven said...

The pressure got to me, SG!

Sad news for what started out as a promising series. Would be cool if it ends up somewhere else.

I'm now getting behind Alcatraz as my next great hope to fill the LOST void.