Saturday, 14 May 2011

A New Hope ? 6

As you may have already read there is lots of press coverage of NBC's decision not to renew The Event following it's first season.

However these two tweets from Nick Wauters and Ian Anthony Dale say, there are other possibilities for the continuation of the story.

Lets hope there is a conclusion of the story at the very least, but meanwhile enjoy the final few episodes that NBC have to broadcast and check back here every now and then for any news we might have to bring you.


maven said...

Back to being first!

Hopefully there will be many firsts if they find another network or cable channel. Tough to do in this business.

Black Swan said...

Ha! Good job, Maven!

Don't know if it's a spoiler to show the title of the next episode (but you can find it here. Very Lost-like. I used to be mad that Darlton made a deal for an end-date and would have liked to see Lost go on (for at least another year), but now I think they were smart and at least got to finish the series on their own terms. It doesn't seem like they give shows much of a chance now and with so many more networks, etc. the competition must be so fierce!

So I agree with you, Maven.. tough to do in this business, but I'll keep watching to see what happens.

I was thinking about The Event and what's missing. It occurred to me that when Michael died, we didn't even talk about that and it wasn't at all like when there was a death on Lost. At least for me, I'm just not as invested in the characters somehow. And without that, who cares about the mythology and action? But, like I said, that's just me.

Black Swan said...

Just noticed my link didn't work, but it's just this:

And scroll down to the videos on the towards the bottom left where it says, "Next On"

Zort70 said...

I must sya that I have been invested in Simon, Blake Sean, and maybe a little of Martinez, but not much else/

I think most of the other characters have switched sides too easily or changed their allegiences too quickly.

Amused2bHere said...

aw rats. I really liked this one. It wasn't LOST, but then again what could be LOST except LOST?
I like Flash Forward, I thought that had potential there. And Daybreak...ah well. No use mentioning all the series that have been too short lived that should have gone Firefly...

I just hope they get to finish the story somehow.

I'm sure we will find a venue somewhere to keep ourselves connected.


Black Swan said...

Hi Amused! Boy you got that right, nothing could be another Lost! Like you, I was sad when they turned out the lights on Flash Forward and Daybreak.

I agree, Zort. I'm invested in Simon and I also find Blake's character to be fascinating. With both we've seen some back-story to make us care about them. I liked Sophia and Prez. Martinez until they turned rogue, but I can see how a life and death situation can bring out a different side. I've always liked Sean, but it felt iffy in his relationship with Leila and even worse, Vicki giving him love eyes isn't working for me. Now if Sawyer was playing Sean, LOL.. that would be much more believable. Hey, that's what's needed here! Some dimples and a little comic relief (nicknames and such). Even 24 had its Chloe.