Saturday, 7 May 2011

Do You Want A Second Season of The Event ? 4

Do you want a second season of The Event ? Well I do and so do lots of other people, however NBC do not seem to have made their minds up yet.

In order to help them decide why don't you write to them and let them know. Blair Underwood has provided the details of who and where to write to for you to show your support.

According to the message you have until May 16th to do so.

Email -

Postal - NBC/Universal Media Studio
c/o Vernon Sanders
100 Universal City Plaza Building 1320 Suite 4M
Universal City
CA 91608

I've already emailed and did get a reply from Mr Underwood's assistant thanking me for the support.

Don't just sit back and assume someone else will do it, take an active role in supporting The Event.


Black Swan said...

First!! Beat you this time Maven! bwa ha ha! ;-)

Thanks for the info on how to contact NBC and request that The Event doesn't get cancelled.

I look forward to tonight!

Zort70 said...

I hope a few people send emails and letters.

Anyway while there is a new episode, the discussion post for tonight is now live.

Black Swan said...

I do too. I sent an email.

going to the other post now..

(thx for all you do, Zort)

SG_Tess said...

The Event has been officially canceled.