Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dempsey's Office Update 16

There have been a number of updates to Dempsey's Office

The most intriguing one is the scroll that has now appeared in the safe.

There are also some voice mail messages, one of which is in French, so if we have any French speakers among us we would appreciate a translation.

The Demsey's Office In Detail post has been updated with the new items.

Thanks to SG_Tess and Maven for the updates.


Zort70 said...

I also had a go at recreating the triange design on the wall and tattoo.

A lot of interpretation used here though -

Click Here

Just Thinking said...

Got to watch the episode today- hopefully NBC will count viewing on it's site in it's numbers.

About Dempsey- that wall painting with the one large figure & smaller ones made me think maybe the little girls are guardian angles in training? With Dempsey as head halo? Still creepy though.

And he really should have expected curiosity from an archeologist, not military type discipline. Highly unfair to shoot the guy for looking!

Zort70 said...

But, if they guy had read his email (from Dempsey's desk) he would have known not to go in !

Zort70 said...

oops ...the guy..

From: Dempsey, James
To: Ellis, Harrison K.

Subject: Re: RE: Dig Progress

Excellent progress, Harry. Please continue and alert me when you reach the chamber. Also, just to reiterate our original agreement, nobody should enter until I arrive.

Zort70 said...

Shooting him was still a bit extreme though

Capcom said...

Yes, the shooting was kind of like the X-files...with Smokingman shooting everyone he didn't want looking or knowing.

Nice triangle Zort.

Just Thinking said...

Makes me think of practical things like- what did he do with the body? Why did he bring someone else in and explain the whole thing to him? Is he going to shoot him too? Just needed someone to hold the flashlight?

Just Thinking said...

Oh- and where is Shannon when you need her translation skills?

SG_Tess said...

Hey Capcom
Said hi in the other post but thought I'd say hi here too.

I got the feeling Dempsey might have let the guy go in under his terms, since before he shot him he said he would have been able to tell his family.

The guy he too in with him I was probably one of the many people who work for him and do his dirty deeds. Like burying the body. :)

SG_Tess said...
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SG_Tess said...

...took...not too and I think was....

maven said...

Well, they definitely needed someone in there with Dempsey so he could explain some things to him (and to the audience)!

Capcom said...

Hi SG, going to check back there after here.

I was thinking the same thing about Shannon, JT. :-)

LOL Maven.

Right, SG, he must have a cadre of "people" like that smarmy secretary of his, she gives me the chills.

Amused2bHere said...

Well, I guess you could say that the "spoiler" from the preview about the Washington Monument wasn't the Big Deal they hinted at, so was it really a spoiler after all? Sort of misdirection so we would think that it was the *shocking event* of the evening.

It was pretty nasty, though. Especially since they admitted deaths and injuries related to it. How horrible for Sophia to make that call! I don't envy her position.

(back to mostly lurking now...)

The Kharma Initiative said...

Hi folks, been following the show on hulu so I'm usually a bit behind.

Of course, the cave is highly interesting. I didn't assume that the large central figure in the painting was a "guardian angel", only the smaller ones surrounding it. Which would make the central one, what, God?

The French guy's accent was fun. Except when he seemed to slip out of it.

I think they got Daniel Danger to paint the angels. :P

Do all the Inostrankans (are we still calling them that?) have Biblical names? I suppose that's not too unusual if they're trying to fit in the US. But how well do the show characters fit their biblical counterparts? Thomas? Michael?

Are there sleepers in other countries besides the US? When will the US notify those countries?

Cosmically Yours

Amused2bHere said...

of course, Sophia is a biblical name for the personification of Wisdom,(Book of Proverbs)

methinks I see a pattern...could be stardust in my eye, though.