Monday, 14 March 2011

Dempsey's Time Line Tablet Mapped

Although it has only been in the show once at the end of the last episode, it does appear that this table or stone tablet resting on a table may be significant in the events to come.

We have assumed that this is some sort of time line map, leading to or from "The Event", but that is definitely not confirmed yet.

So what we have here is an attempt to break down the elements on the table.

Circles (Light Blue) - Five circles reducing in size, could these be symbolising planets or galaxy's or even dimensions ?

Lines (Black) - Lots of intersecting points with a few places where they seem to intersect more than others.

Cracks (Red) - Although they could be just natural parts of the stone, as they do appear to be cut through by the lines and other shapes, they could be significant as they do intersect the straight lines in certain areas.

Shapes (Cyan) - These seem to be deliberately cut into the tablet but are very random in nature. There is possibly a bit of liberal interpretation here as to what is an area cut into the stone and what is a natural part of it.

Also below we have an attempt to recreate the symbols seen on the small stones that are placed on the tablet. Whether these are symbolic, or there is an actual purpose to them it will be interesting to find out in the next few weeks.