Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Season 1 Episode 13 Discussion Post 36

Sterling and Richard rally to help President Martinez take control of the political fallout from the detainees' escape from Inostranka.

Meanwhile Sophia learns what Thomas has done and swears revenge, but Thomas is determined to succeed in his mission.

Michael leaves Leila in safekeeping with a close friend, Diane Geller while he also goes on the hunt for Thomas.

Episode Title - Turnabout


Black Swan said...


Zort70 said...

Hi BS, I'm literally falling asleep as I type, but I'll be back tomorrow to catch up.

From the previous thread comments -

There was quite a buzz on Twitter tonight from the UK audience, it felt good to be talking about things again.

It's just a shame that Channel 4 have now decided to put the next episode on at 11:05pm, doesn't show a lot of faith does it !

Black Swan said...


I was just catching up on the previous post. Great work with the blog here, Zort. I went and played the game over at NBC, (thinking the subject matter of the clue is of UTMOST importance and always have. I still even wonder if he's just another 'time itteration' of someone else, like I said before).

Those cracked lines really do remind me of 'life lines' like when you get a palm reading. And it said something about this at the NBC site instuctions for the puzzle, "Like the lines in the palm of one's hand, the marks on this ancient stone tablet can foretell the future. I can't remember if I mentioned last week that there's another stone tablet there right behind the big one in the screencap.

Looking forward to tonight!

Black Swan said...

Hey, Zort.. NO, that doesn't sound good that they're putting The Event on that late over there.. I heard it didn't do well in the ratings. PLEASE do not cancel this show!

I was watching the Cape too, they cancelled that and put the finale online.. boo!!!!

SG_Tess said...

Hi Black Swan!

ObFuSc8 said...

Hey Zort, Black Swan!

I'm lookin forward to tonight's ep though I have to admit my interestt in the show is waning a bit.

Moving the airing back that late in the UK really doesn't bode well. It's really just up to the writers now. Interest really flagged over the hiatus and they did little to kepp us engaged, especially given this was a new show. In addition, I'm finding most of the character development erratic and inconsistent.

ObFuSc8 said...

Teehee -- those promoe scenes were POTUS's dream!

SG_Tess said...

I caught on to that after the general said he agreed.

Black Swan said...

Hi SG & Ob!

I just started to look at the Dempsey's Office thing. It sure looks like a hint to him wanting a 'fountain of youth'. As far as this "confirmation of #9's genetic markers using the fN239 tracer" I wonder if this is being used to know whether or not someone has 'time-traveled' or wormhole-warped from the 'old' planet to Earth? I read once that the only way to survive travelling through a worm-hole/black-hole would be to send your dna through, not your body, LOL.

SG_Tess said...

Tweet by Jason Ritter
JasonRitter Now I want to show you a picture of something related to The Event, but I really don't want to rune anything... http://t.co/cnntx5A

Just Thinking said...

Hi guys- yes-well that answers why Thomas and Sophia would be together.

Black Swan said...

hmmm, SG.. interesting

whoa.. this is a dream?

Black Swan said...

What does, JT?

ObFuSc8 said...

Well, that seems inconsistent. The Inostranka detainees were a deemed a grave enough of a threat that they were held in Alaska and tortured, but the General claims they weren't enough of a security risk to have more safe guards ("double-blinds"), especially after what Thomas did to the Avias passengers?

ObFuSc8 said...

Uh, duh Sophia. Thomas basically told you that in Ep7 -- that it would be the only way to get enough raw materials (except he referred to nuclear warheads instead).

Given the last weeks events in Japan, that Chernobyl reference made me cringe a little.

Black Swan said...

hmmm, they will own it all. quite ambitious.

Hanson (in the San Fransisco area) was helping to obtain materials, so I guess that's why he looked the way he did.

Yeah, OB..It's timely (and sad) that the power plants in Japan are having such problems.

SG_Tess said...

Seany's tough when he's mad.

Black Swan said...

Is Sean super-strong? or just adrenalin-rushed?

Black Swan said...

LOL, SG.. jinx!

Black Swan said...

"but I really don't want to rune anything"... I just caught that it's not RUIN, but RUNE in that tweet, SG/

ObFuSc8 said...

Nice Tess, Swan! That's the first tune in Zort's post.

Ah, nice twist. Thomas tricked Sophia and used her to get POTUS to move the uranium.

ObFuSc8 said...

sorry -- rune, not tune.

SG_Tess said...

Yeah Jason Ritter tweets puns like that all the time. Some are better than others.

Black Swan said...

Gross, that thing Hanson took out of his neck (and that was what was squeezed so hard to make him talk), then he uses it to call Thomas?

Showdown between Thomas and Sophia.. he's got her right where he wants her.

Half-breeds get no respect, huh?

ObFuSc8 said...

Bringing my post about the tablet/runes/diagram from the last post forward

I didn't catch this at first last week, but it seems like Dempsey has 2 different stone tablets in his office SCREENCAP - 1 with a wooden border and what seem like more curved lines, and
-the other larger tablet (which is the one shown in the puzzle game).

Dempsey picked up a tile from the smaller tablet and moved it to the larger one (as e spoke of past/present/future and crossing paths with Sean again).

Given what Dempsey was talking about I get the feeling this is some sort of map of multiple possible timelines/scenarios, but like I said last week it doesn't look like any time-space diagram I'm familiar with.

I'm not sure what the 5 circles represent, but they are of decreasing size and seem to be arranged in the beginnings of a spiral and I wonder if their centers would line up to a Golden Spiral?

I agree, the rune like markings on the stone tiles are from the same alphabet as Dempsey's diagram/notes. (Thanks again Zort for this SCREENCAP .)

The diagram on the 2nd line looks like the chemical diagram of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon -- specifically 2 fused benzene rings which is Naphthalene. Dempsey seems to have used runes to denote substitutions at the alpha positions. I'm not sure what significance Naphthalene has here, except that it has been isolated in meteorites.

The 2nd part of the diagram on the 2nd line may indicate that this compound can be broken into (or made from) 2 other compounds designated by rune 1 + 2 (from line 1).

Rune 2 reappears on the 3rd line, this time with rune 3.

Just Thinking said...

Sorry BS- I'm trying to book a hotel for Comicon now too. I meant that it was a dream about Thomas and Sophia being together.

ObFuSc8 said...

WTF would you handcuff anyone that close to a live electrical outlet?

Black Swan said...


And I noticed the two stone tablet thingies last week, but nobody seemed to have a clue or opinion about them then. I haven't been following this show as closely as Lost (or going to the NBC site, etc) so I'll have to catch up here to know all the extra things online. (and I'll reread your comment here after the show.. getting real exciting!)

IMO, the revamp theey did over hiatus was pretty good.. hope this doesn't gt canceled and they give it a chance and some time.

(ah, thanks JT)

SG_Tess said...

I didn't notice the smaller table at first either. Dempsey took the rune from the smaller table saying there you are Mr. Walker and placed it carefully on the larger table.

LotteryTicket said...

Starting to watch now. haven't read above.

maven said...

The Chernobyl mentions are haunting considering what's happening in Japan right now.

Wonder if each rune tablet is for the key players here? Would like to see what my name is in "rune"! :)

Zort70 said...

Yes it was bad timing with the Nuclear part of the story.

I've got to say I think there was more story in this episode than in most of the rest of the series !

If this is what we are going to get from now on then it is a definite improvement, I just hope there are more people around to see it.

Ob, thanks for reposting that Dempsey info, did you find it was odd that in the episode Dempsey is standing and looking at the main table and then there is a jump cut and he is picking a stone off the other table.

It may have just been poor editing, but you never know.

JT, have you asked Lotto if there is any room in The Barracks ?

Zort70 said...

I've uploaded some screenshots from this weeks episode.

Lots to choose from this week.

By the way if you click on one of the pictures and it takes you to the screenshot, click on View All and there are more posted in the album than are displayed on the main blog post.

LotteryTicket said...

I was hoping for the double-doublecross and that the fuel rods were never removed from facility and the President's tracking device is now in place. Seemed like a very small escort for transportation of nuclear materials.

Sean/Leila story always puts the brakes on the action. Enough already. We get it. Sean's sister is an enabler, really, would you encourage your brother to single-handedly save the world or get him to Mexico? What's with the eyebrows dude? He also seemed unusually hungry.

Alien's move to the burbs. ha ha ha Of course, no one would look there.

Why store guns in the ground? These scenes really bug me.

Did anyone get the feeling that the aliens are not in normal bodies? More like shells. You can reach in and "force" a confession, injuries do not heal - living outer wear. Hansen needs an upgrade.

Zort, JT and I have talked re: The Barracks.

SG_Tess said...

There's a new letter on Dempsey's desk.

Michael S. said...

@LotteryTicket - that's how nuclear material is normally transported. So they got it right on that. And I, too, was expecting a double-doublecross. I expected Sophia to outsmart Thomas, and was very.. very disappointed when that didn't happen. And did you see the previews for next weeks episode, with the Washington Monument crumbling into pieces? So excited! Best part is - even though I wasn't at home to watch this episode I was able to watch it on my phone with DISH Network. As a DISH customer/employee I'm able to watch my all of my live TV and DVR recordings on the go with almost any device (I usually just use my Vibrant or iPad). It's pretty awesome and totally worth checking out.