Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stone Scramble 17

Yet another puzzle from The Event, this time though it is based on Dempsey's mysterious table seen in episode 12.

It gives us a closer look at the table and some of the stones that are on it.

Click here to view the puzzle game on the NBC website.

Solve the puzzle, which is very easy to do, and you get a link to a clue, I'm not sure how much of a clue it is, but it does confirm something that I had wondered about.


Zort70 said...

First ! for once :-)

Apart from the advert before each game. which is very annoying, this is quite a nice little game.

Easy to do but adictive when you want to get your name at the top of the list !

Plus it gives us a better look at the mysterious stones and table.

LotteryTicket said...

where is this game?

LotteryTicket said...

OK, found it. didn't know there were games! ha ha. why is the "result" a clue? Don't get it.

Zort70 said...

I'm not sure it is particularly enlightening as a clue.

It just means the subject of the clue is still important and hasn't left yet.

Zort70 said...

Good point about being able to find the puzzle, I've added a link to it on the main post now.

SG_Tess said...

Hehe I've played mosted the games on the site. I even got an email back in Dec. thanking me for being a top fan it member. And a little video thank you from Jason Ritter and Sara Roemer.
I played this game a couple of times last week. Thought maybe there might be more than one result.

LotteryTicket said...

will comment here re: tablet post. as no comments for latest post.

Can you screen grab Dempsey's notes which are written in runes? They seem to have scientific connection. Looked like a formula.

the bottom 1/3 looks like landscape with mountain. As this is only partial of larger artifact, I wonder if not made of ship material. First crash.

Did he refer to time and having knowledge of both past and future. He works the table like chess player, maybe there is more than one.

The five rings could be solar path of some orb, but the whole thing looks like Pick Up Sticks to me.

SG_Tess said...
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Zort70 said...

There is a slightly larger version in our screengrabs -

Click here

Zort70 said...

The tablet lines looks quite like Ley line pictures I've seen, they may just be Ley lines on a bigger scale.

maven said...

Dempsey's notes sure look like the least the same "language" or "letters".

LotteryTicket said...

Out tonight during CDT airing, will dvr and watch with westcoasters. have a good chat.

ObFuSc8 said...
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ObFuSc8 said...

Namaste all! I hope everyone is well.

I typed out a long comment a little while ago but it looks like blogger ate it (bad, hungry blogger) so here's try #2.

I went to look for screencaps from last week, but it seems like a bunch of the fansites have fizzled, and I couldn't really find any. So much thanks to Zort for the posts and screencaps here.

They put the tablet puzzle game and explore Dempsey's office extra's up at the NBC site right after last weeks eps. A fun little way to give us a little added info. I hope it's OK if I post comments on Dempsey's office here.

I figure the email from the director of Dempsey Pharma about the "confirmation of #9's genetic markers using the fN239 tracer" has something to do with Leila or one of the other Hybrid girls.

At first, I wondered if The Picture of Dorian Gray on the desk was a 1st edition, to hint at Dempey's age, but it doesn't seem to be. The plot of the novel (a man who remains young in appearance while his portrait ages) is similar to Dempsey himself. The inscription in the book is interesting, but may just be a way to summarize the plot for those who aren't familiar. I wonder if we'll ever see who Eleanor is.

The dig in France seems to indicate another excavation for artifacts, probably related to Sophia/Thomas's people. I think Lotto already posted this, but I figure Dempsey found the stone tablets in his office the same way.

The butterflies, fossilized trilobite and turtle shell all seem to represent evolution, genetics, youth/aging/rebirth.

Like everyone else, I'd love to see what's in the locked box on the desk and what was in the safe. It would be fun to be able to zoom in on some of the pics and books on the shelves too. Maybe they'll post a secretly recorded office convo for us to listen to.

Zort70 said...

Thanks Ob, good points, the items seem fairly random, but seem to have connections to things we have seen already, apart from the new information about the dig in France.

There was quite a buzz on Twitter tonight from the UK audience, it felt good to be talking about things again.

It's just a shame that Channel 4 have now decided to put the next episode on at 11:05pm, doesn't show a lot of faith does it !

I've also just created a new discussion post for tonight's US episode. I'll be back tomorrow morning and hopefully be able to watch the episode.

Night all have fun.

ObFuSc8 said...

When Thomas was updating Sophia on his progress in Ep7, he said something to the effect that he'd helped with our nuclear program to get our science to the point that it could at least crudely produce the raw materials their people would need to open the portal.

I wanted to go back and RW that scene but they've taken it off Hulu and the NBC site, so all I have is a few of my scrawled notes. Sophia said something like "uranium exflouride" and "cesium isotopes" when she referred to the materials they already had.

I recall Thomas telling Sophia that they had nowhere near enough raw material to get hoe and that the only source(s) were nuclear warheads and processing facilities.

That should explain what we see in the memo on the Truthseeker blog.

ObFuSc8 said...

I didn't catch this at first last week, but it seems like Dempsey has 2 different stone tablets in his office SCREENCAP
- 1 with a wooden border and what seem like more curved lines, and
-the other larger tablet (which is the one shown in the puzzle game).

Dempsey picked up a tile from the smaller tablet and moved it to the larger one (as e spoke of past/present/future and crossing paths with Sean again).

Given what Dempsey was talking about I get the feeling this is some sort of map of multiple possible timelines/scenarios, but like I said last week it doesn't look like any time-space diagram I'm familiar with.

I'm not sure what the 5 circles represent, but they are of decreasing size and seem to be arranged in the beginnings of a spiral and I wonder if their centers would line up to a Golden Spiral?

I agree, the rune like markings on the stone tiles are from the same alphabet as Dempsey's diagram/notes. (Thanks again Zort for this SCREENCAP .)

The diagram on the 2nd line looks like the chemical diagram of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon -- specifically 2 fused benzene rings which is Naphthalene. Dempsey seems to have used runes to denote substitutions at the alpha positions. I'm not sure what significance Naphthalene has here, except that it has been isolated in meteorites.

The 2nd part of the diagram on the 2nd line may indicate that this compound can be broken into (or made from) 2 other compounds designated by rune 1 + 2 (from line 1).

Rune 2 reappears on the 3rd line, this time with rune 3.